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Kryon at the United Nations

Twice before, in 1995 and in 1996, Kryon was invited to the UN, to address the "Enlightenment Society", better known as S.E.A.T.

On the 24th of November, 1998, Kryon was again asked to speak to them. The message, one of the shortest ever, is most suitable for the main subject of this Newsletter. The Millennium, fear of the future.

We do not have space to give you the full transcript, although I would love to, so I have to try to describe it to you.

This is made doubly difficult by the fact that Kryon made a strong point of listening/reading the full message in it's entirety, so as not to be able to misunderstand any of it. As is is so pertinent to what we are talking about, I need to try. The message was, unusually, specifically noted that it was for the entire planet - not only for the members of the UN, as it was in the past.

First, Kryon re-confirmed something che' has mentioned many times. That is that "Spirit will never come before human beings and give a fear based message. NEVER! Let it be known, if you ever come before an entity who says that they represent Spirit, and you get a message dripping with fear and agenda, then it is not Spirit who sits before you!".

[That, my Dear Friends, has been pretty much my yardstick as well. I even read the bible the same way. I ignore anything that has fear or has an agenda, as I know that it was put into the bible by man, not Spirit. And consider this: does not fear always has an agenda?]

Then, 'he' told us that he was going take us to a future Earth. Again, reminding us to wait until the end before we judge.

So, he proceeded to paint a very vivid picture, that included both coast lines of the US under water, with major cities also under water. Disease, confusion, civil war, lack of authority anywhere, total chaos. Canada being divided in half, with two great cultures almost at war. Africa returning to tribal warfare. Larson's Ledge at the South Pole breaking off, enormous tidal wave destroying the southern parts of AUSTRALIA.

China waits to see what is left for it to gobble up. They have anticipated this.

In the middle east, the 'beast' has arrived - a nuclear war. Humans decide to destroy one another in the name of God.

Then, he paused and said:

"The date when all this is to happen is October, 1998!".

No, it is not a mistake. 1998! October 1998. Remember, this UN appearance was in November 1998. He then explained that the above is the sum of all the prophesies - the scripture, Nostradamus and the New Age masters who had the visions as it was measured and foretold in 1962.

"That was the Earth's potential then, yet here you sit. None of it happened, you see. Not any of it happened!"

Kryon then suggested that Earth, and all upon it should be in massive celebration. The consciousness of the whole planet has shifted - enough to void the old and set up the new paradigm. Yes, there will be 'complications', there will be strife, but look at the consciousness shift!

"Now, the emphasis is about solving conflict and bringing permanent closure, instead of about 'who is right' or 'who deserves what'. It's about responsibility for ALL Humans on the Earth, not just the good of the few in a certain area. The worldwide emphasis is on eventually creating a peaceful coexistence between ALL the tribes. It's about a planet coming together, finally, to move through a millennium that before, had a stigma on it of TERMINATION. Instead, I am sitting here telling you that as this millennium draws near, there is a spiritual potential now of graduation and wisdom."

Kryon then mentioned that that although there are still those who will try to force the old energy into the new consciousness, they will fail. They will 'stick out' as old energy and be rejected by the consensus of the planet. Then Kryon finished with:

"Let the transcription go forward, that all will know what took place in here today. Let all know what it could have been, but what it IS. None of the things as described have happened. None are scheduled and none will be. Not with the work you are doing."

Well. How do you like that? I love it! I am only sorry that the transcript took so long to get to me. It should not happen again - I am going 'on line' on the Internet and Kryon has a website that I can visit often.

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