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Illusion of Illness

Your mind is saying to you right now 'my illness is definitely not an Illusion! How can he say that! I have medical proof of my illness! Are you trying to tell me that it is just an Illusion?!'

I can understand if you are thinking those thoughts. The pain, the disability is all too real. So is the feeling of helplessness, almost an inevitability about the whole thing.

If you are feeling like that, there is no doubt that yours is the greatest challenge. That is why we usually devote so much of this newsletter to discuss ways of helping on the physical level.

Nevertheless, everything we have discussed about the Illusions totally apply to our illnesses as well. Yes, our illnesses are Illusions we have somehow created for ourselves. No, I cannot fully explain how or why we would do such a thing. In the last issue, we discussed Greg Neville's work in tracing every single human illness to a particular mindset or emotion. Remember? Here was an inkling that perhaps the illness is simply a result of how we feel about ourselves - not on any level of awareness but somewhere deep down! Greg also proved that when he can get the person to change the mindset or emotion that caused the illness, the illness usually goes.

Now the illness was 'real' but the mindset or emotion associated with the illness was certainly an Illusion! Get rid of the Illusion and the condition is also rid of!

That is also how a lot of healers, past-life regression practitioners succeed in curing some people.

Now we may well at some point, as I frequently have, ask 'how is this possible - how does this explain babies born with illnesses and worse?' To explain this, we would have to delve deeper into this subject than we are able to in these discussions. We would need to get 'into' some un-fathomable reasons as to what we, in our wisdom, decided to 'experience' with this visit, with this incarnation. Sometimes, the spirit baby comes in, in such dreadful state simply because the parents 'decided' to experience such difficulties. For a 'human', it is hard to fathom. For the spirit, it seems that it is quite natural. For the spirit, it is not difficult, not painful, not horrible - it is simply an experience.

Perhaps the following will help:

Roger Miles, the editor of the ELOHIM Journal, recently posed the following question to the being Kirael:

"If I understand correctly, my physical body is created perfect It is through my beliefs and life patterning that I have created the resistance that altered the vibration or frequency and distorted the 'hologram'. In simple terms, can you please explain how to get it back to a state of perfection?"

"A grand question! The physical reality force [human body] that you exert here in the Third Dimension is the culmination of your Higher Self processing thought Once it is created in perfection, it is then a journey of the Higher Self to allow that being [physical force of density] to expand in all directions that it might. Even though you might think your human system is warped, it's truly seldom ever warped. Instead, it's set in physical motion upon a path that will allow the Higher Self to open up to another part of It's desired journey.

As events unfold along its desired journey, the thought system begins to think it is out of alignment or that it is less than perfect, yet the thought system is only cognizant of the left brain activity /that of logic and reasoning]. Rather that going inside and communicating with the Higher Self about what the lesson plan is, the average human being will reach outside of Self and begin to seek the answers in the Matrix outside of Self. In the Matrix, you are susceptible to solely left brain thinking because that is the mass consciousness as we know it today.

In the mass consciousness, the first thing that is recognised is that your physical body is sick, dilapidated, run down and all those other negative words.

In truth, if you go inside to your Higher Self, you will recognise that your cellular consciousness has been reformatted by your Higher Self to do a wee journey. The Higher Self does not want long journeys. It's set to do a wee journey. Inside, you will recognise the awareness of what your truth is - the heart value of your Higher Selfs energy pattern. Once you recognise that, you won't see yourself as out-of-alignment or less than perfect because the left brain doesn't work from the inside. It's actually the right brain intelligence /collective conscious awareness] that works on the inside. In fact, the processes that healers use to energise the core issues of the vibratory system that have been enhanced by the Higher Self are based within the right brain sector.

If each human would become aware that it is the Higher Self that is truly guiding every perfect part of his or her body, then, in that guidance each would have the opportunity to experience what the Higher self desires to comprehend as a Third-dimensional five-sensory experience. In the process of trying to understand who we are, the one thing most humans don't truly understand is that they are not the physical part of themselves.

Rather, they are the spiritual emblems of their Higher Selves or the part which shows to the rest of the embodiment process where it is trying to function its awareness in.

That's why when you see someone ill or angry or out-of-sorts, it is your light that will help. It is not your words because your words will come from the Third Dimension, that being from your left-brained, society-learned mechanism. So listen intently with your heart and you will see how the other people react. Most likely they will become more aware, with the Higher Self as the real guidance factor. This is because the Higher Self is literally trying to amass your energy to bring it to the brightest form it can while still allowing you to process the third dimension."

Would you believe that that's the same thing I was saying? He sure 'talks' different. Yet the message is the same. As long as we do things from our 'left-brained, society-learned mechanism', we will continue living the Illusion.

[Kirael also talks about the Higher Self s 'lesson plan' - that's the plan you made before being born. That's the plan where you may have decided to come in malformed, so that you may experience life that way. That's the plan where you may have asked your 'best friend' 'up there', to be born to you, to be sick and die young, so that you may experience that and so learn from it.]

Kirael calls the Illusions, 'mass consciousness' and left-brain thinking. The hardest part is for us to take responsibility for who and what we are. Yet that is exactly what we have to come to grips with. I will continue with this in the next issue. To keep us going meanwhile, here is a quote from 'Jeshua' and then, the beautiful story of Ana an the Bird.

"Hear me well. What I am describing to you is exactly the way your life is. There exists no thing IN your life which is not your creation. There is not imagined ABSENCE of any thing in your life which is not, likewise, by your own creation". Jeshua.

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