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The Numbers Game

As, on the 12th of October, our world's population has reached SIX BILLION, it is interesting to look at some numbers. Time magazine often features quirky numbers and, with the new 6 billion figure, they did not let us down.

One thing I am curious about - there was a short report that the UN announced this figure after Fatima Nevic gave birth to a son in Sarajevo, tipping us over the figure.

HOW DID THEY KNOW? Who and how do they work these things out? I mean, around 9000 babies are born every hour around the world! That's 150 babies every minute!!! More than 2 babies a second! Soooo, how did they managed to zero in on dear Fatima's baby?

Just wondering.

Yep, we, as humans, have reached yet another milestone. Great time to do it! With the turn of the Century here. Interesting to note that all the growth has occurred in the last 100 years or so:

We reached 1 billion in the 1800's, 2 billion in 1927, 3 in 1960, 4 in 1974, 5 in 1987 and now, 6 billion in 1999! What did we do in the past 1900 years? Didn't we know how? Only joking!

Since 1960, we DOUBLED our population!

Also interesting to note that a lot of spiritual people have been saying that the reason for this great increase in population has been caused by everyone wanting to be here this last 100 years, knowing that, one way or another, some momentous, huge changes are about to occur and no-one wanted to miss out. We knew [before 'coming' here] that the last 100 years will either make or break us. Well, if that is true and I for one have no reason to doubt it, we should all be very proud of ourselves! We did it! This wonderful world of ours isn't only going to survive, it is going to SOAR! On the wings of angels - your wings Dear Friends.

According to the 'experts', the growth is slowing down now. Ten years ago we added 86 million new souls every year, this year, it is only 78 million. They estimate that we will 'stabilize' at 10 billion after 2200, if the deceleration continues.

Whilst on numbers, at the moment, China is the most populous country, with 1,267 million, followed by India with 998 million. The USA is third, with 276 million. The UN expects this to change by 2050. They estimate that India will have a population of 1,529 million and China 1,478 million.

We had two Megacities of over 10 million in 1960. Today, there are 17 of them!

I think I am glad I live in Australia. We don't even get a mention in the statistics.

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